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Circle Music features our explosive band, a 3-9 piece high energy group that has performed at over 1,600 weddings and parties in the past 17 years. We offer you the finest musicians and vocalists that perform under the direction of an experienced bandleader, ensuring that your party will be a huge success. Our performers possess a wide range of vocal and musical styles, satisfying the varied musical tastes of all your guests. In addition to Contemporary music, we offer a wide selection of R & B, Motown, Funk, Disco, Classic Rock, Oldies, Fifties, Sinatra, Swing/ Big Band, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Standards, Latin, Ethnic, and Broadway. We perform the music that you and your guests want to hear, and we do it at a volume level that is acceptable to all.

Circle Music is not an entertainment agency or orchestra with many bands and various musicians that tend to get "mixed and matched". Circle Music is one band of professional musicians who have rehearsed and played together from 4 to 16 years, and we all have years of formal musical training and theatrical experience. The band that you hire is the one that will perform at your reception, the one and only Circle Music.

We Make Your Day Easy


Circle Music is cost effective and easy to work with. A totally self-managed band that operates out of our bandleaders home studio, we don't incur advertising, office leasing and sales commission costs, all expenses that agencies and management companies must pass on to you. You won't need to plan your event with a sales person, manager or some other non-musician who will not be available to you during your reception. Our Bandleader/Musical Director is your single point of contact throughout all the planning stages of your event, and he is performing with the band at your reception, ensuring that all your expectations are met. Your satisfaction is our main goal, and we know that that our music plays an essential role in your party's success.

Circle Music was born in 1982 by Joe and Paul, two college music majors at the time. Our goal right from the start was to establish a high quality, refined group of musicians who could specialize in the types of music and formalities involved with wedding and corporate formal events. Circle Music was an immediate success and we began to build relationships within the band, and with outside agencies associated with the entertainment industry. These relationships continue to grow to this day, and a large part of our success is due to the friendships amongst our band members, a quality that is evident in the "expressiveness" of our sound.

If you have not seen or heard Circle Music live yet check out the rest of this web site. We hope it will answer all of your questions about us. and give you the opportunity to see our live video and hear our audio samples. All of the recordings are live, not overdubbed, and depict our talent as a set, rehearsed band.

Small Ensembles

All of our musicians sing and play instruments so Circle Music can accomodate smaller weddings and tight budgets by offering our unique 2, 3 and 4 piece wedding band combos or our compact band/DJ package.

The Capriccio Ensemble

Natalie Kriegler and her Classical String Trio/Quartet Elegant Chamber Music for Ceremonies, Cocktail Parties, & Receptions.



John Alden

Not sure of a Band or DJ?

John Alden is Circle Music's DJ. He can be included with the band as a lead vocalist, party motivator/emcee and be your DJ during band breaks.


Corporate Clients

Circle Music has specialized in coordinating live entertainment for professional and political events for over 15 years, and we have over 30 repeat clients who rely on our services year after year to maintain their success.

Some of Circle Music's corporate clients include

Corporate Event Music

Wedding Band

Meet The Band

The musicians at Circle Music all live in New York City, and are considered some of the most talanted and professional musicians available in the tri-state area.

Meet the Band

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